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Clash review

A bolshy stadium-ready debut...

Under The Radar review

Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz has never been afraid of tackling gender politics within her music. On "Raising the Skate," from last year's Foil Deer, Dupuis battled with the...

Punk News review

Upon reading about The 69 Cats in the pages of Vintage Rock magazine a couple of months ago I felt compelled to buy their first album, the newly released Transylvanian Tapes. A...

Spotinews recomendation

Hi there. Let’s go for some new pop. Here is the delicate debut album by Donovan Blanc. Enjoy! Donovan Blanc – Donovan BlancFiled under: 2014, Pop

NME review

New Jersey duo build a creepy, sleazy character on debut Donovan Blanc LP

Under The Radar review

Donovan Blanc has the sound and feel of a lost psych-folk solo platter, the sort of thing hardcore vinyl-heads would buy for a cool $200 in NM condition at a record fair (until it...

Insound review

Donovan Blanc is the realization of a purified version of the duo's work, fit for consumption by disciples of technicolor baroque and singer-songwriter pop music. The record’s aim...

Insound review

Ghost Wave are an Auckland based rock band who’s sound finds itself somewhere between the Flying Nun bands of the ‘80s, the British explosion of the ‘60s and the wayfaring dubs of...

Resident Advisor review

From Mickey Moonlight to Motor City Drum Ensemble, Mike Huckaby to A Guy Called Gerald, there has always been a vocal minority within electronic music who are ready to invoke the...

Resident Advisor review

The word sophistication can mean a lot of things. To some, its connotations will be cold and sharp. To others, it may conjure intense or daunting atmospheres of endless refinement...

The Line of Best Fit review

Cameras' dichotomous debut is bold and brave, poised and often strong. The compositions are lavish and intricate, the commitment not in doubt, but the songs sometimes fall short...

Resident Advisor review

There's been no shortage of crossover in techno between industrial and post-punk aesthetics, with a resurgence of interest in the sound coming from entities like Tropic of Cancer...

Spin review

Oneida's Kid Millions and droning friends compress a drum circle into infinitely dense jet roars.