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TapeFear recommendation

A woozy electronic EP from Dead Fader.

Clash review

Every track's a surprise on this intriguing debut LP...

Sonic Router review

Not to be a prick about it, but I remember hearing about Wen’s forthcoming album – the collection that would go on to become his debut LP, Signals – and wondering if he’d really...

Insound review

File under: junglish-footwork flux by one of UK bass music's figureheads. Excellent sophomore album including collaborations with DJ Die, Sam Binga, MC DRS and Josefina. "Bass...

NME review

'Footcrab' producer joins the jungle renaissance with mixed results

Insound review

Operating in their own microcosm, DVA have stood out with an idiosyncratic sonic lexicon “pop for non-existing radios” or “folklore of non-existing nations”, as they say. The duo...

The Line of Best Fit review

An immediacy and fluidity lie deep within the DNA of ‘s Little Red, the follow up to 2011?s On A Mission. Across a clutch of edgy and brilliantly radio-friendly cuts that raise...

Insound review

Little Red is the second studio album by British singer Katy B.

The Quietus review

The first time I set foot in a nightclub I was sixteen. Alongside a selection of my school friends, I spent half an hour queuing along the front of the painted cream front wall of...

NME review

The dubstep superstar takes a sobering trip into London nightlife on her accomplished second album

NME review

‘War Room Stories’ sounds like a band cut adrift

The Line of Best Fit review

A seventy minute sustained gaze into the dark, uncomfortable at first until the eyes adjust, the patterns take shape and those shadows start to dance.

Under The Radar review

While many artists tend to spend their careers beefing up their sound, Darren Cunningham takes the opposite approach. As Actress, the London-based producer's music-if you can even...

The Quietus review

Just over a year ago, I found myself having a conversation outside a relatively fashionable pub in Bethnal Green – not really a situation I relish; I'm one of those young-old...

NME review

Darren Cunningham's bleak, unsettling and possibly final album blows dance genre conventions apart

Insound review

London electronic producer Actress has announced a new album, Ghettoville . The triple-LP release is out January 28 via Werkdiscs/Ninja Tune. Ghettoville follows 2012's R.I.P...

XLR8R review

To his credit, Darren Cunningham has remained a truly uncompromising and incomparable artist since introducing the world to his Actress moniker in 2004. His vision of what dance...

NME review

Simultaneously dark, light, stereotypical and out of character, ‘Rival Dealer’ is an EP on which London producer Burial outclasses and outmanoeuvres his peers.

XLR8R review

The sole Canadian representative of the increasingly international Night Slugs contingent, Egyptrixx (a.k.a. David Psutka) has followed up his ambitious 2011 debut album, Bible...

Resident Advisor review

Though his 2010 EP The Only Way Up played an early role in shaping the Night Slugs sound, Egyptrixx is the label's odd man out. He lives in Toronto (not London), his music is less...