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Clash review

A nice starter, but where's the main?

Under The Radar review

Zach Condon has one of the most recognizable voices in contemporary music, a somehow both lush and nasal delivery that instantly stamps a track as Beirut's. More

Insound review

The humorously tongue-in-cheek Sing-a-longs is Blair Crimmins’ slightly sarcastic yet charming sophomore release, an upbeat companion to his more sultry previous works that still...

Spotinews recomendation

Hello there. It’s a new month and a new week and I have some new releases to report about. From a very recent Spotify update comes the sparkling new album by Dark Dark Dark. Genre...

Pitchfork review

When watching Dirty Projectors perform in Manchester a couple of weeks ago, I was struck by how sweetly awkward it must be to be in Amber Coffman's position. Singing the love...

Insound review

Who Needs Who , the new album by Dark Dark Dark, is a rich, stirring body of songs that sees the band break ground and settle into the strengths of a quintet that has worked...

Clash review

ReviewsBorn from heartacheAlbumDark Dark DarkWho Needs WhoAlbum ReviewIssue 79

AudioCred review

It’s not like mixing styles is new. American musicians experiment with instruments from the Pacific Rim and steal melodies from Easter European gypsy camps about as often as Whole...

BBC review

A break-up album full of affection and understanding.

Spin review

Roma brass band kings' best-of counters Western pop hegemony with heavy mettle.

Insound review

Balkan Beat Box are back with Give, their most musically intense and lyrically explosive album yet. Inspired by last year’s protest movements across the globe, Give captures the...

Spotinews recomendation

Hello. It’s time for another goodie from my backlog. This fine album by Dark Dark Dark (first released in North America last year, then released in Europe in 2011) was added to...

BBC review

Full of the kind of weary romanticism its maker could probably patent by now.

The Line of Best Fit review

Like any enjoyable journey, it is over far too soon, leaving the listener with a feeling of nostalgia for a grand time that has passed before they knew it, as well as an intense...

Spotinews recomendation

Hello again. The new album by Beirut was also added to Spotify (for me) this morning. Genre: folk-rock. Enjoy! Beirut – The Rip Tide Filed under: 2011, Folk, Rock