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Spotinews recomendation

Hello friends. It’s a very hot day here in Sweden. Why not take some time to relax with this debut album by Cende. Genre: pop/rock. Enjoy! Cende – #1 Hit SingleFiled under: 2017...

Clash review

Emphasising the pop in pop-punk, but at the expense of creativity...

Punk News review

All Time Low's definitely a major success in terms of sales, grinding out that Hot Topic and Warped Tour appeal and also, having teenyboppers jumping through hoops at their whim...

Punk News review

“Simpsons season 3 and a thing of hummus” are the first lyrics heard on Rozwell Kid’s self-described “slacker/indie power-pop” record, Too Shabby. The line directly supports the...

Punk News review

Anticipation erects unfair hurdles for any work of art. When a person becomes emotionally invested in that art, it is easy to set expectations so high that a follow-up can not...

Punk News review

I remember reviewing Punk Goes Pop 4 and Tonight Alive's rendition of "Little Lion Man" was one of the few bright spots on an otherwise tragic record. Before jumping into The...

Punk News review

I once wrote another review about Mixtapes for another blog about how the band was probably Cincinnati's best-kept secret apart from all of the barbecue joints in neighborhoods...

Insound review

The most talked about band at last year's Rebellion Festival was without a doubt Cyanide Pills with a truly amazing performance that cemented their reputation as one of the UK's...

Spotinews recomendation

Hey. From a fairly recent Spotify update: the solid new album by Cyanide Pills. Genre: punk/pop/rock. Enjoy! Cyanide Pills – Still Bored Filed under: 2013, Pop, Punk, Rock

NME review

A loud and empty apocalypse of blandness

Punk News review

First there was Maps, a 10-song, 18-minute tour-de-force that came seemingly out of nowhere and made punk fans take notice. A split with Direct Hit! came soon after, followed by a...

Alt Press review

Depending on your tolerance for dance music and the overall development of your cognitive abilities, rave-pop duo Blood On The Dance Floor are either the most subversive act...

Punk News review

Early in 2011 I reviewed the previous long player by the Van Buren Boys, Six String Love. I now find myself faced with the band’s latest effort, Up All Night, and if I was being...

Alt Press review

Happy Miserable is the sound of August Premier maintaining integrity, instead of pandering to some chance at 15-minute fame. The band folded nearly a decade ago after releasing...

Insound review

Ex Norwegian burst onto the indie rock world stage like a storm has been on the brink of redefining what indie rock means ever since. Their sound was catchy, unpredictable, and...

The Pier review

Producer Prince Polo’s latest full-length, Brooklyn Bodega, features heavy dub soundscapes and bass EQ deeper than the Pacific Ocean. Flashes of reggae, Latin and Italian sounds...

BBC review

On which the Surrey band matures, largely to the benefit of their material.

Spotinews recomendation

Morning. This excellent album by Swedish band The Elliots was released three months ago and finally added to Spotify this week. Genre: pop/rock. Enjoy! The Elliots – Love | Decay...

BBC review

A chart-ready set that should see its makers hit new commercial heights.