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Clash review

Open to a bit of risk-taking without losing a sense of self...

Insound review

In his new liner notes for this re-issue, David Fricke calls High Land, Hard Rain "ten songs of anxious yearning, romantic urgency, big hurt and hard-won learning, distilled into...

Punk News review

"I'm an ugly piece of shit with a fucked up face and broken teeth and no place to go most of the time and the older I get the less I care about the fact my whole life's been a...

The Line of Best Fit review

Dan Willson embraces pop hooks and folk jangles, to devastating effect.

The Quietus review

Older and wiser? You're having a laugh. Getting older makes you feel vulnerable; fearful for your knees and your loved ones; unsure of everything when you used to know it all. You...

NME review

Fence Collective member follows up 2009's 'Good News' with bright pop-rock

NME review

Bubblegum pop singer-songwriter disappoints on debut

Insound review

The story of Biffy Clyro is as romantic as it is archetypal. Three childhood friends from Ayrshire formed a band, delivered three albums of abrasive youthful exuberance and...

Insound review

Produced by Garth Richardson (Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and mixed by Andy Wallace (Coldplay, Nirvana, Faith No More), the fifth release from the Scottish...

Under The Radar review

Edinburgh four-piece The Spook School take their name from a group of Scottish artists whose work was ridiculed for being too dark and gothic. More

NME review

Kitchen-sink desolation, in a good way

TapeFear recommendation

L. Pierre's tribute to the comforting hiss and crackle of your well loved records.

NME review

Rock souls that just want to break out

NME review

Nina’s personality only really comes through on the slightly less polished ‘Brit Summer’.