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Clash review

A hard-nosed reflection on turbulent times...

Spotinews recomendation

Hello. From three days ago: the new album by Novella is a keeper. Genre: pop/rock. Enjoy! Novella – Change of StateFiled under: 2017, Pop, Rock

Clash review

A joyous debut set from a trio of pop scholars that is hard to resist…

The Quietus review

Gagarin is the nom de plume of Graham Dowdall, who has a long and distinguished history as a percussionist and electronicist. He played drums with Ludus in the early 80s, his busy...

Punk News review

For me, I’ve always wanted Senses Fail to go into a heavier direction ever since classic heavier songs like “Bite To Break Skin” or “Wolves At The Door.” On their last album...

Clash review

An impressive if limited debut album...

Punk News review

Nai Harvest are one of the most underrated acts around at present. 2013's Whatever had a very intriguing mathy-emo feel to it which made 2014's Hold Open My Head that much more...

Punk News review

Dance Gavin Dance will always hold a special place in my heart. Downtown Battle Mountain I was an explosive screamer and really showed what Jonny Craig is capable of, shenanigans...

Punk News review

Get in on the post-hardcore, screamo scene before the bands decide to channel their music more melodically, and more "intuitively." One of my friends jested as we sat listening...

Punk News review

First off, this isn't a slam review. I give everything a fair chance (Patrick Stump, now and forever). But honestly, please tell me how a label like Epitaph associates itself...

Punk News review

Some albums register on a level that stays with you for decades. For a lifetime, in fact. Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation is one of those for me. I've touted it up here...

Punk News review

From New Found Glory to Marilyn Manson. From Further Seems Forever to Jack Off Jill. Like Amanda Jones, South Florida is no minor leaguer, especially when it comes to turning out...

Punk News review

Trust Fall’s debut LP Secret Keeper opens up with a sound that is doomier than any of their other works. The album leans more towards the style of their split with Thanks than...

Punk News review

Kyle Durfey's always written gut-wrenching and emotionally turbulent songs to cope with his father's death. He's given me some of my most connective tunes to date. In essence...

Punk News review

Xerxes showed immense potential in the past. Our Home Is a Deathbed was one of 2012's more underrated records and whatever they put out after (in small doses I might add) seemed...

Punk News review

The first track to Louisville, KY's XERXES sophomore album Collision Blonde starts where the A side to their Would you understand? 7-inch from last year ends. Literally. If you...

Punk News review

Calculator have taken lead from many influences yet they've always managed to add their signature flair and distinguish musical characteristics that ultimately prevail as their...

Alt Press review

Punk News review

About thirty seconds into From Parts Unknown, the seventh full-length from Buffalo hardcore outfit Every Time I Die, it's obvious that this is not the album expected from such...

Insound review

The album’s title was initially inspired by a term used by wrestlers to increase their mystique, From Parts Unknown ultimately references the more hopeful mood that creeped into...

Punk News review

Goodtime Boys have always been one of the underdogs at Bridge 9 in my opinion, which doesn't take away from the music they made. They were always decent but were missing something...

Insound review

Frameworks is a band who has blown us away constantly and Loom will do just that to you. Produced by Jack Shirley, these 11 tracks should be listened from start to finish, then...

Punk News review

I love it when a band comes at you with a bold, daring, zero-fucks-given attitude. Frameworks is just that. With Gainesville churning out pop-punk, indie and emo acts, it's a nice...

Punk News review

The Used are a polarizing band. Bert McCracken usually finds himself writing about love, drugs and a bunch of things you'd think an adult would be able to sift through a little...

Punk News review

What It Is To Burn was one of my high-school records that would rarely leave the player. I distinctly recall Finch, Taproot and Glassjaw being the thing of dreams back then - the...

NME review

The Michigan post-hardcore band serve up a concept album about the collapse of a co-habiting couple

The Line of Best Fit review

La Dispute's third record may tread a similar path, but also represents a pinnacle of the sound the Michigan band have been toiling at for a decade.

Punk News review

The success of A Day To Remember's new album, Common Courtesy, is an interesting reflection of the music industry's current state. Following a lengthy battle with Victory Records...